The Benefits of Family Style Dining

The Benefits of Family Style Dining 

Just imagine, instead of having guests constantly moving and rotating to fill their plates, every dish would be placed at their disposal to be passed around without interruption. Just like a family dinner.

We sat down with Owner of Bleu Events, Travis Tucker, to discuss the benefits of this new style and how it can turn your event into a memorable, family-style get-together. “We’ve found that this style is much better for the guests and creates a better overall experience because it allows for a more social atmosphere,” says Tucker. “There’s just a huge difference for the guests.”

According to Tucker, the process is simple. Guests take their seats and are first served a cold dish platter first, which usually consists of some type of cold starter or salad. This allows for everyone to gather and pass around food before the main entrée platter is finally served. This style provides guests the option to take as little, or as much as desired, all while not having to leave the table or conversation.

“Our culture has gotten to the point where everyone is so busy that cooking and having a family meal is almost a novelty now,” agrees Tucker. “Because of that, we see guests really appreciate this style and love it.”

This style of dining isn’t limited to just one type of event, but is easily transferrable to almost any type of setting or party. “So far we’ve done weddings and corporate events, but we can see it spreading to other types of events in the near future,” added Tucker. The trend is well received and expected to stay, so be sure to consider family-style dining for your next bleu event.

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