Food Station vs. Buffets. Who wins?

Food Station vs. Buffets. Who wins? 

Bleu’s Sara Shiebany explains which one is perfect for your next event. “It’s not about what’s better. It’s two different worlds. Modern vs. Traditional.”

That’s Sara Shiebany’s answer to whether or not food stations are better than buffets. A Catering Manager at Bleu Events, Sara has served both styles of catering options on countless occasions for any event imaginable. If there is one that is truly better, Sara would know.

Today, food stations have grown increasingly popular at events, showing off different and creative stations such as the “build your own bar-b-q” station, or even coffee stands with endless flavor combinations. However, there is still something to be said about the ease and classical feel of a buffet of your favorite dish.

So, which is better?

Well, the answer isn’t always so clear. It depends on the event size, what is being served and of course, what the guests want to eat. “A buffet is an American staple. We have clients all the time that want a classic dinner that serves the traditional American-styled food,” says Sara. “But stations offer that bigger variety and are more conscious to dietary restrictions. Buffets offer one thing, but stations have something for everyone.”

However, one of the most important factors for picking between the two often comes down the length of the event. “It’s smarter to do stations for longer events because you can synchronize the amount of food given out based on the event’s length.” explains Sara. “But, if it’s a shorter event, like a breakfast, a buffet works wonders with the guests because it’s so simple.”

What does your event call for? Modern food stations that offer a variety of eclectic cuisines? Or do you prefer the timeless tradition of classic style buffet? Whatever you decide, check out our catering options for buffets and food stations.

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