4 Steps To Get The Groom Looking His Best

4 Steps To Get The Groom Looking His Best 

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There’s a million things the bride can do to prep herself for the wedding, luckily men generally have it a bit easier. But to make it even more simple, we are offering 4 steps the groom can take to look and feel his best for the wedding. Simply check these off the list as you go, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to head down the aisle, looking like a million bucks!

1. Cut and Style Your Hair

If you decide on the cut and style you want for your hair a few months before the wedding, your life will be a lot easier on the day of the wedding. Firstly, you don’t want to plan your haircut the week of your wedding because if you end up hating it, that would be detrimental to your self confidence (and your wedding photos)! But, if you plan it in advance this is an awesome time to try out a trendy new look, and you can ask your barber for the best products to style your cut. Plus, doing this months in advance will give you ample time to practice styling your hair, so the day of the wedding you can perfect your hair in no time!

2. Shave and Moisturize Your Face

It may sound weird to plan out your facial hair, but if you do it, the morning of your wedding will go so much smoother! Like hair, there’s tons of facial hair styles: beards, mustaches, 5 o’clock shadow, goatee, clean shaven… I could go on. Decide on the style you want and plan how far in advance you’ll have to shave your face. For example, if you want scruff you may have to shave 2 days before but if you want a full beard you may need to 2 weeks before. The most important things in making sure you look smooth and soft, especially in those up-close photos, are quality grooming products. This includes a new razor, shaving cream and moisturizer with no ingredients that will irritate your skin. Photographer’s tip: shaving the day of your wedding is a really cool photo opportunity for you!

3. Get a Mani/Pedi

This probably is not the most traditionally manly thing on the list, but trust me, this will bring you great wedding day relaxation. And no, people aren’t going to be staring at your hands all day, but rough, bitten cuticles and dirt under your nails will not be appreciated by your future spouse or your wedding photographer, for that matter. The photos will look much better with clean, polished hands in it. Plus, getting a manicure or pedicure can be extremely relaxing in the days leading up to or the day of your wedding. If your feet aren’t showing (and yes they may be, think destination wedding) it’s still not a bad idea to get a pedicure too, to get the ultimate relaxing treatment and prep yourself for a day of celebrating.

4. Whiten Your Teeth

You will probably be smiling from ear-to-ear on the day of your marriage. You will be beaming at your spouse, greeting guests with a smile, and expressing your happiness to the photographer… If you’re self-conscious about the state of your smile, then look into teeth whitening options. The most simple of these are changing out your toothpaste to a whitening one. You could also try out whitening strips, an at-home whitening kit, or get a professional whitening. All of these do require some time to let your teeth become whiter. But once they are, you’ll be grateful that you put the work in! Plus, this is not some difficult prep that will have you stressed out about adding another aspect to your wedding planning. It can be as easy as one small change the next time you’re at the grocery store for a big boost in your confidence!

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