Be the Host with the Most with Rob Schaefer

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Be the Host with the Most with Rob Schaefer 

Although autumn is right around the corner, we have plenty of late summer produce and party themes to use until October. Keeping true to in season produce almost guarantees a more rich and flavorful culinary experience.

There are many ways to evoke the spirit of the transition of seasons from the food on your plate . . .

Before the autumnal chill begins, soak up the last summer sunsets surrounded by those you enjoy most by hosting a deck party.

August and September are still hot months! Keep your menu light and nutritious by using garden tomatoes and other in season vegetables. 

Welcome your guests with a tray of pickled okra, spicy pickles, and blue cheese olives for a wonderful pre-dinner snack.

Take advantage of peak tomato season by ditching uninspired lettuce salads for a golden gazpacho. If cold soup isn’t your forte, try sliced tomatoes served with fresh, thickly sliced mozzarella topped with balsamic. 

For drinks, iced sangria is a perfect complement to any summer party. This drink can be prepared days prior, making it perfect for on-the-go hosts.

Give your proteins a whiskey glaze or a hint of sweetness with maple or honey for a whole new BBQ spin.

Don’t neglect dessert! The heat of August and September makes this season a great time to serve grilled peaches over vanilla ice cream.  Alternatively, use a secret hosting cheat by warming a store-bought apple pie over the grill moments before serving.

In late September, the itch for fall may be insatiable. To give your summer soirees a kiss of fall, try roasting corn on the grill with cinnamon butter or channel Mexican street corn by using lime, cilantro, and cotija cheese.

. . . to the decor on your table.

Use the last of summer’s zinnias as decor inspiration. Their hot fuchsia, purple, and orange-gold hues will give your décor a pop of color. Start transitioning your summer flowers to fall by gradually adding sunflowers to your arrangements. The warmth of the sunflowers will give your table and your guests an end of summer glow.

Rob Schaefer has been planning remarkable parties for over 34 years. He has worked for celebrities such as former President Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, Harrison Ford, Tim Tebow, Joan Rivers, and Glen Campbell. Schaefer is a NACE and ILEA award winner.

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