Bar & Beverage Service

A an assortment of wines at an event by Bleu Events

Bar & Beverage Service 

Choosing the right food menu for an event is one thing. Pairing the right drink menu is an entirely different challenge. From trendy juices and traditional teas, to high-end cocktails and local craft beer, we pride ourselves on serving the right drinks for the right events.

We met with Sara Shiebany, Assistant Event Director at Bleu, to outline what we do best when it comes to beverage service. “We go above and beyond with drink options,” says Shiebany. “We find passion in turning something basic into something brilliant.”

We serves a variety of beverage service options like the ever-popular cucumber-mint infused waters, or the stylish and tasty blueberry infused lemonade. However, Shiebany notes that knowing what type of service style you want is just as important as the drinks being offered.

“The most popular beverage service is definitely stations because it allows your guests to choose the amount they want,” says Shiebany. Stations serve mostly general and business casual events, while carafes are best for galas and formal events. Her favorite, though, is the classic bleu coffee bar.

Our Custom Coffee Bar allows guests to experiment with a variety of coffee options and toppings including; Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Irish Cream and Mint syrups, then choose from toppings of Chocolate Shavings, Cinnamon, Cocoa, House Made Chantilly Cream, Bailey’s Chantilly cream and THEN if you really want to have some fun, add Kahlua, Baileys, Creme de Menthe, Rum Chatta or Godiva Chocolate Liquour.

“The coffee bar is easily one of our best drink options and it serves more than just coffee,” says Shiebany. “We add all types of flavors and toppings. It’s always a hit at events.”

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