Pantone’s Living Coral and Your Wedding

Pantone Living Coral

Pantone’s Living Coral and Your Wedding 

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral and we have to say, we’re here for it! Described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge,” we can’t think of a better energy to channel into your wedding day than Living Coral.

Have you thought about how you might incorporate this vibrant color into your special day? We have a few suggestions you might not have already thought of.

1. The wedding favors – It’s so easy to get this color on almost any favor you might have in mind. Switch it up and give out something practical that your guests can use the rest of the year and incorporate the color of the year in their own lives. We’re thinking scarves, travel tumblers, or potted plants.

2. The altar – Ditch the pricey eucalyptus garland that’s been overdone. Instead, incorporate this pop of color behind you and your partner by draping this color around the altar. We promise it won’t steal the show.

3. A signature cocktail – Okay, are you ready to wow your guests? Not only is this one super easy to execute, but it’s a timeless way to remember your special day any time of the year. Need help with a recipe? Stop by Pressed. and leave it to the experts to craft a cocktail exclusive to your big day.

4. The wedding shoes – This one applies to men and women. Don’t be shy! Under a long dress, Living Coral wedding shoes will peek out for a fun mystery–or, crop your dress and show them off! Grooms can swap out traditional shades for a bold but on trend shoe color.

5. The wedding cake – Maybe you already thought of this one, but have you thought about how to bring Living Coral to life in a culinary confection? Leave it to the experts at bleu Market & Bakery. They can make your cake dreams a total reality. The experienced bakers can mix and color match decorations to your exact preferences.

6. Lounge area for guests – Take your event space to the next level by adding a lounge area where guests can sip on cocktails and mingle with friends and family. Dress up the lounge space with accent pillows or a throw blanket featuring Living Coral.

We’re thrilled to see Pantone release a color that makes us feel emboldened to try new things. We hope you’ll incorporate this trendy color into your big day. If you’d like to bounce around more ideas, contact us today to talk future plans.

Leah Patrick
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