The Collaborati Podcast: An Interview with Travis Tucker

The Collaborati Podcast: An Interview with Travis Tucker 

The past, present, and future of bleu Events.

Corey Gillmore’s leadership lifestyle podcast and blog, The Collaborati, recently sat down with Travis Tucker, owner of bleu Events, for an intimate peek into Travis’ career and the driving force behind his four successful businesses.

The Collaborati is a segment of Corey’s performance development firm. The podcast’s goal is to be a positive media outlet that showcases the three pillars of success, leadership, collaboration, and communication. To do so, Corey’s broadcast gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a platform to share their stories.

As owner of one of Columbia’s most successful event planning companies, bleu Events, and several other local businesses including rooftop bar, Pressed, Parisian inspired restaurant and bakery, bleu Market and Bakery, and Columbia’s newest event space, the Atrium on Tenth, Travis was excited to share his approach to business.

“Corey has been interviewing a lot of community leaders, and so I was honored to be a part of the podcast,” says Travis. Since his first business, bleu Market, opened in 2007, Travis has been an advocate for local businesses and entrepreneurs. He and his team have developed local partnerships throughout his businesses to do their part in maintaining a thriving local marketplace.

If listeners take one thing away from the podcast, Travis hopes that it is the importance of perseverance, and the benefit of not giving up. As discussed on the podcast, bleu Events did not take off, or develop, as Travis had once imagined. “Entrepreneurship is not always an easy thing; there’s good and bad that comes, and sometimes it can be a daily struggle,” says Travis.

Listen to the full podcast for Travis’ perspective on why many doesn’t always equal better, the importance of narrowing down your sights, and his tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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