Throw A Game Winning Super Bowl Party

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Throw A Game Winning Super Bowl Party 

As we all know, the Super Bowl might as well be a holiday. In fact, it probably stacks up more like Thanksgiving in terms of how much time is spent in the kitchen. No doubt, the biggest weekend in football deserves the biggest tastes and flavors. So, we decided to share some tips on how to tackle a winning Super Bowl party.

Learn how to throw a game winning Super Bowl party with tips from My bleu Events Get in the Game
Why fight it? The game is the sole reason for the party. It is what your guests are going to be talking (and probably debating) about. That, and the audacious commercials and unpredictable halftime performances. Ultimately, the game is the spotlight, so your house and party setup should complement it. That means it’s time to get out streamers, pompoms, team-specific décor, flags, inflatable footballs, coolers and anything else that can get your guests into the game.

Pro Tip: Get your room into formation. This allows for the best viewing experience for your guests. Make sure you have extra chairs and guests have a clear view of the game.

Finger-Food FeastFinger-Food Feast

Kick off your Super Bowl party with a feast of innovative and fun finger foods! While traditional tailgate favorites like sliders, chicken wings and nachos are great; the key to a championship worthy party is serving game day favorites with a twist. Check out our menu of trendy and delicious hors d’oeuvres or search around for innovative recipes that will get your guests talking about more than just the game.

It's all in the dipsIt’s All in the Dips
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We offer an ample selection of handcrafted dip options. Our spicy Jalapeño Popper and savory Tabasco Blue Cheese dips will be fan favorites. Check out our dip menu and see how you can take your dip game to the next level.

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